RTA’s writing program gives prisoners opportunities to express their creativity on the page. Writing helps men and women to quiet their minds, focus and organize their thoughts, and examine their lives.

For some prisoners, particularly those who struggled academically, writing was once seen as the enemy. Others are longing to write about their complex emotions and histories, to explore questions of cause and effect, identity and change. 


RTA workshops include poetry, creative writing, play writing, memoir, monologue and speeches. Participants improve their writing skills as they share their stories.,


"Dante writes ‘Halfway through the course of my pathetic life I woke up and found myself in a stupor.’ 

I wrote a poem inspired by that, called ‘Once I Awoke’. It’s me coming to the realization that I’m better than this. I don’t belong here. I’m coming out of that darkness, that sleeping state, that mental death."