Why The Arts?

"Art allows you to think differently, so you behave differently, so that you can get different results. To me, that’s the definition of rehabilitation."


The arts do not depend on academic education or other prerequisites. Anyone can participate.


The arts are experiential and non-judgmental. There is no one correct answer.


The arts develop​ the ability to see the world from different perspectives, encourage taking positive risks and allow the discovery of hidden skills and talents.  


Aren't job training and education higher priorities?​

RTA is often the first step towards development in other areas. Over 40% of men and women incarcerated in New York State prisons enter the system without a high school or equivalency education. RTA builds skills and confidence that motivate prisoners to give an academic education another try. And as important as job training is, the ability to communicate, set goals, solve problems and work collaboratively is just as critical.