Prison Communities International

Going Beyond The Walls

Prison Communities International Inc. (PCI) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to criminal justice issues. Established in 1999, PCI is the parent company under which Rehabilitation Through The Arts operates.

PCI was founded on the belief in the inherent value of every human being, including incarcerated men and women. Based on this value, we believe in moving criminal justice from a punitive to a rehabilitative and restorative model.

Over 95% of all prisoners are eventually released. Those returning citizens can play a positive role in building their communities.

Consulting Services

PCI is involved in communication, planning and educational projects both inside the prison system and in the public square.
PCI evolved out of an international consulting firm active in the corporate world, with clients including American Express, Coca Cola, Cartier International and Corning Inc., and in the nonprofit world with Save the Children, Aid to Artisans, The Ford Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, U.S. Committee for UNICEF and the World Agro-Forestry Center.

Building from its experience in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, PCI focuses its attention on criminal justice from the unique vantage point of management, research, curriculum development, fundraising, marketing and strategic planning.   
Today, the entire criminal justice process of incarceration, rehabilitation and safe return to society is being reexamined and reimagined. PCI is at the forefront of that process, working across disciplines to create a more just system for all.

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