Who RTA Serves

Bedford Hills women taking bow.jpg

"I realized it chipped away all the hardness of being incarcerated. I found pleasure and it gave me a sense of self."


Where do you operate?  
RTA operates in six maximum and medium-security men's and women's New York State correctional facilities within a 100-mile radius of New York City.

Bedford Hills. maximum security women

Fishkill, medium security men

Green Haven, maximum security men

Sing Sing, maximum security men

Taconic, medium security women

Woodbourne ,medium security men

How many prisoners do you serve? 
RTA serves about 225 prisoners at any one time. More would join if they could; Sing Sing, for instance, has more than 50 men on a wait list that can stretch for years.

Can anyone join?  
Membership in RTA is based on a commitment to change, not on disciplinary record, although prison administration can have its own disciplinary criteria for allowing prisoners to participate. All new members take an RTA 101 workshop, taught by RTA’s prisoner-member coordinating committee, that explains the objectives of the program and the requirements of membership.  

How long do prisoners stay in the program? 
RTA members can stay in the program for as long as they are incarcerated in one of the six prisons in which we operate. One of the positive effects of the program is that it motivates participants to pursue education while they are still in prison; we are delighted when members step away from RTA because they have enrolled in college.